Sunday, March 16, 2014

B-School/University Selection Matrix

After I decided that I`d be pursuing Higher Education, I started evaluating options. It kind of struck to me that I want to do something that`s a bit technical and covers the management aspect of it too. It was around this time, I came across "Dual Degree Programs" and I made up my mind that I wanted to pursue a dual degree program. As usual, I resorted to my trusted friend, Google, to seek answers and find some suitable courses. The problem with availability of overdose of information is that it makes it difficult to find exactly what we are looking for. As rightly said by Herbert Simon,

...a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention...

It took me few hours to recover from the information overload. I wanted to make a matrix of all the available choices and options before nailing my target programs. Selecting or Targeting a B-School is not as simple as it sounds. There are various factors associated with selection of a B-School, let alone just Rankings. I believe that one must come with their own factors in

These are some of the factors(not in order) that I considered for pursuing PGPEX-VLM program, they are

1. I wanted to do a specialized MBA program that focused on my past work experience. ie, Manufacturing, Operations or Supply Chain. I was clear that I dint want to do a General MBA program.

2. Considering the fact that I had about 5 years of Work Experience, I was clear that I wanted to do a One Year MBA program as against a conventional Two Year MBA program. (Also confusingly called as Executive MBA Program)

3. Cost of the program

4. Good Exposure, Good learning from Faculty, Industry-Academic Collaboration, Internship, Strong Skills

5. Good Brand Value, Placements, Recognition, strong alumni network after completion of program.

I came up with a Matrix of Schools that I wanted to apply for. It helped me to get a big picture and evaluate the pros and cons of each of the schools. I have added the screen shot of the Matrix. However, please note that these are my personal views which may not be necessarily true and applicable for everyone. I feel that all B-Schools aspirants must come with such a matrix and see the big picture. This analysis was very enlightening for me and I could make a choice that closely syncs with my ambitions.

                                                                 (Click to Enlarge)

Is there anything that I missed ? What is your opinion on creating this matrix. Do share your thoughts.